About the eCampus

The Pacific eCampus is a learning management system for Employer and Business Membership Organizations (EBMO) in the Pacific to utilize in the design and delivery of online training courses and programs, either in full online or blended approach formats. Courses uploaded to the eCampus are uploaded with the right for other EBMO to use, adapt and build upon as needed.

The Pacific eCampus is also a repository of learning materials (videos, articles, PowerPoint presentations, and other relevant learning content) to support Pacific EBMOs in the design and delivery of their own courses. It is also a portal for Pacific EBMO to advertise new courses and register enrolments.

The eCampus features an online messaging system where training participants can engage with each other during courses to share insights about the lessons, best practices, and seek clarifications and guidance.

Participants can also access a self-paced learning system, where they can watch recorded videos, answer self-paced questionnaires, evaluate the program, and retrieve online certificates.

This Pacific eCampus is made possible through partnership with the International Training Center of the International Labor Organization based in Turin, Italy.


The Pacific Islands Private Sector Organization (PIPSO) is the premier private sector representative body in the Pacific Islands region. It was set-up through the mandate of the Forum Economic Ministers in 2005 to be the representative body of the Pacific region’s private sector and to ensure dialogue between public and private sectors for strengthening regional policy making.

PIPSO represents 20 National Private Sector Organisations (NPSOs) in the Pacific region. The key role of the NPSOs is to advocate for the interests of the private sector at the country level and participate and contribute to the policy development and strategies for private sector development. NPSOs are required to be inclusive of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Women in Business as their members.

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